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This post aims at providing proper instructions for logging in to ip address. There is a specialty about this ip address is that this is mainly used in the home network. This ip address is mainly used to login to the router settings page of the 3com routers. To know the methods of using the routers continue reading below. & 192.168.l.254

This ip address is used in the wireless home networks and mostly used in the routers that are used to connect the internal routers. This ip address is used by the users to connect to the router admin panel. These might be a lot of reasons to connect to the admin panel of the routers and may be changing the wifi password may be one of them. Here are the steps that are required to connect to the 192.168.l.254 router. Also you could checkout the other router IP address that are used by different router manufacturers. , and

Things to know about 192.168.l.254

There are many kind of routers in the market. One such router is 3com. These 3com routers use this ip address called There is a software used for these routers which are pre manufactured by the company to use in their routers. These software are used to verify the security settings of the router network. Since security settings are the most required thing for any kind of network. Also if you want to change the Wi-Fi password of the router you should need to login into the router using the ip address

Steps to login to / 3com router settings

1) Default IP address for all the 3com routers are but you need to make sure that the ip address is same before proceeding because there may be exceptions where the router ip may be different from the default one.

2) If you need to know how to find you r router’s ip address then you need to follow the post here.

3) After making sure about the IP address you are going to use please follow the below steps. Click here to go to the router admin panel then it will ask you for the user name and password . There type admin for username & admin for password. These values are the default for any kind of new 3com routers.

Points to remember:

1) Make sure you are connected to the corresponding router for logging in into it.

2) If you are using the default password for the router we strongly suggest to make a change to a hard new password so that it will be difficult for the outsiders to access it with ease.

3) If you forgot the password to the router admin panel then there is no option other than resetting the router. Follow the below steps to reset the router password.

Resetting the router password:

Don’t panic. This is just an easy step and no data loss or something that is going to happen. All you need to do is to find the reset button at the back of the router. Don’t worry all the router will definitely have a reset button. Now press the router reset button for about 30 secs.

Check other router IPs here:

    • 192.168.l.0
    • 192.168.l0.1

Only thing we should be aware of the router resetting work is that when we reset the router the password and username will be restored to normal / default and you have to reset the password again. Also all the router settings will be deleted and you ll have set it up again.

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