Router Admin Login is the IP address of many popular router brands that we use in our homes. This IP address might not be very popular as the other IP addresses such as,, & IPs, but still, this router is used in many router brands as their default IP address. I have explained in the post about the router models and the brands that use this IP address.

What is IP Address? – Basics:

IP Address is just like an URL for a website that identifies a particular website. This IP address identifies a particular host in a network. If a router needs to route data to any other router or host in a network it needs to know the IP address of that particular host. Don’t ask me what will it do if that host doesn’t have an IP address. Every device connected to a network will be either a public or private network and will definitely have an IP address. The internet provider will assign an IP address automatically to the device if the device is connected to the public network.

If the device is connected to a private network then there is no need for a public IP address. Private addresses are introduced just to reduce the usage of the public IP address. Since the usage of internet-enabled devices raises every day and the supply of public IP addresses is limited we need to make sure not to waste the public IP address.