– 192.168.o.1 Router Admin Login is one of the most commonly used router IP addresses. The router brands such as Dlink and Netgear routers use these routers IP The most used purpose of this IP address is that it is used as the private IPv4 network. But the problem or the conflict may arise when there is more than one address on the same network. So this IP address can be only used on one device. Follow the below steps to completely understand the ways to login the device with


Sometimes the IP address is misspelled as 192.168.l.o.1 and it is not right. There is a lot of confusion regarding this IP just because people don’t really know the use of these private IP addresses. People do know about the IP address but they only know more about the public IP address. They can even find their public IP address online using the IP finder tools. But these private address details still haven’t reached them. So we need to show them that is the real IP address and not 192.168.l.o.1

Steps to login IP routers

First of all, before trying to login into the router using the IP address make sure that your router brand uses this IP address to login into the router settings. Here’s how to check the IP address of the router brand. Use the command ipconfig in cmd to find your IP address. Refer to this post here for the detailed tutorial.

  1. Open your favorite browser and type the address there. Also, make sure that you don’t type the IP address in the google search bar. Because many used to type the address in the search bar and get only results and not the router settings page.
  2. Now once you correctly got the login page you will be prompted to enter the credentials. If you are logging in for the first time then you must use the default credentials.
  3. If you don’t know the default credentials for the router brand that you are using then you can check the combo box below and get the credential data.
  4. Once you got logged in then you will now have the router settings page where you can change the Wi-Fi settings and other router-related configurations here.

Important note: This IP address can only be used on one device in a network. Because if used more than one device then the IP address conflict may arise.

Troubleshooting the router:

If you are unable to login to the settings of the router then you have to check the below things first.

  1. Check whether your router’s login IP is 192.168.o.1 because sometimes the router IP might be different.
  2. Also, make sure that you have connected to the right router and not the different one. It may also cause problems.

Changing the router password:

First, you need to login into the router using the default username and password and then you need to change the settings inside to change the password. It is highly recommended to change the default credentials because it may prevent unauthorized access to the router.

Also if you have any queries regarding the router then please write us in the comment box below. We ll help you to solve the problem.