Admin Login is an IP address that is used in most of the router devices that are manufactured by some particular brand. An IP is always an important factor for any device that focuses on networking. Either it may be a private network or the public network it needs an IP address to identify itself in the network. The use of an IP address is very crucial for any network device because all the network devices identify another host with the help of the IP address. If you are getting yourself connected to the outside world you need to have a public IP address that is very unique to the device in the whole world.

But if the usage of the device is confined to the private network alone then the IP address can be a private address such as this IP address. In the world, the public IP address is in a very limited source. Since the internet is emerging fast in many countries, more and more devices that are capable of connecting to the Internet are produced. These devices in order to connect to the internet request a public IP address and use it to connect to the whole world of the internet.

In order to limit the usage of IP address like this, the concept of a private IP address has been introduced. Some IPv4 IP addresses are made specific to the private networks and are can’t be used for public IP address usage. This IP address is one such IP address and it is used inside the network alone.

One of the most famous brands that use this IP address is the Mediatrix company. This company offers cost-effective solutions for media gateways, it reduces the deployment costs for the VoIP system in the router. Some of the models that are offered by this Mediatrix brand are Sentinel 400 SBC, Sentinel 100 SBC, S7, G7, C7, and 4102S series.

The best part of this brand is that all these devices use the IP address as their default gateway address. Also, some of the series in the Mediatrix uses 192.168. 0.1/24 as their default gateway after resetting the series.