Router Login Online – 192.168.l.l

This post clearly explains how to login to router IP address online. We are here to help you log in to the router control panel of those routers that are using the IP address / 192.168.l.l Routers like Linksys and many more famous brands are using the IP address as a gateway to open their router settings. Every router will have been assigned a router IP address so that the route owner or the technician could get his hands over it and change the course of the router according to his needs. Some of the points that are to be noted here are as below.

The above combo box helps you to get the router username and password based on the router model and brand name. Also if you got any doubt regarding that please use the below-automated system to assist you to login to the router with the IP address [ Kindly make sure that you are connected to the respected router ]

Some of the people might need to open the IP address with the port attached. Most of the router devices that use this IP address has port number 8000. So if you need to open the router portal you need to attach the portal number 8000 with the IP address as such to open. If this one didn’t work then you need to change the port number to 8080. This number might be a default port number for many of the routers, switches, and modems out there.

Table of Contents

  • IP Login
  • Check your login details for the router
  • What is IP address
  • Ways to login
  • Configuring your router
  • Faq’s
  1. Make sure that the router you are using really got assigned with the router IP IP. Only after confirming that you need to proceed below.
  2.  Make sure your device is somehow connected to the modem. For example, the device in which you are trying to access the modem must be connected with the modem in-home network or the mobile network. They both must be connected in order for this to work.
  3.  Before typing this IP into the address bar of the browser that you are using make sure that you are already connected to the network. Because unconnected to any of the network may cause failure in connecting to the settings page of the modem.
  4. Also if you face any of the problems while connecting to the modem even-though you are connected to the modem then check whether you are connected to the corresponding modem or the other modem since there may be many modems in the same group.

For those who use Windows operating systems here are a few tips that can help you to login to the router IP.

Windows 8 users:

  1. Click start button -> Type cmd in search -> Type ipconfig in cmd and enter.
  2. The IP address near the default gateway IP is your router IP number. Now act according to it.

Windows 7 users also can follow the same technique deployed for windows 8 users.

Windows XP and Vista users:

  1. Click start button -> Type cmd in search -> Type ipconfig in cmd and enter.
  2. The default gateway IP shows the router IP address

Here are the steps to find the router IP address in Linux os:

  1. Open the CMD window in Linux.
  2. Type any one of the following commands. “netstat -nr ” “router”\
  3. If it shows then you can keep reading the instructions on this page else depending on the IP address it shows please follow the links to these pages.

Below are the steps for MAC users:

  1. Click on the home button -> Settings -> Wi-Fi -> Select your Wi-FI
  2. Now the IP address of the router must be visible. Now it should be

Check other router IPs here:

  • 192.168.l.0
  • 192.168.l0.1

If you have any queries regarding this please don’t forget to ask in the comment box below.