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There are many IP addresses as many as 65,536 IP addresses so far in here. This IP is also one of them. It is the 16-bit block of private IPv4 addresses that exists with the above-said IP address group. Normally there are two kinds of IP addresses that are most commonly used with the devices. They are the public IP addresses and Private IP addresses.

Public IP address means that every device that is connected to the internet must have an IP address that is accessible from the outside world. These IP addresses are unique for each device and no two devices will have the same IP address.

Private IP addresses are used in the local network of the devices for internal router routing purposes. Here other devices in another network may also have the same IP address which can be used to access the router settings page. These devices with local IP addresses can’t be accessed from the outside world.

Here the IP address is one of those private addresses that is used within the network of the devices inside. This allocation is done by some of the nonprofit organizations in America that look after the IP allocation of the IPv4 address. In the near future, the allocated IPv4 address will get replaced by the IPv6 address soon.

The devices such as SMC, Siemens, Belkin, and Edimax are the ones that use the IP address to access the router settings page. Use the below combo box to check the default router data of the router brand that you are using here.

Ways to login to Router

  • Open your default browser. Now in the address bar type the address
  • Don’t type this address in the google search bar. If you do then it will lead only to the results of the IP address and not to the router settings page.
  • Once you correctly mention the address in the address bar then the settings page of the router will get opened.
  • Now you will be prompted for the admin username and password. If you are logging in for the first time then you need to use the default router password for it. For more detailed info Check here.
  • Once you log in, there you can change the wifi password, restrict the number of devices connected, etc.

Find default router credentials :

To find the default router credentials you may check the back of the router box and you will find the credentials entered there. Or else you can use the combo box to get the details about the different router tables and their credentials.

Can we change the IP address?

Yes, of course. We can change the IP address from to some other IP address ranging from to Since this IP address is a private one we can change the IP of course. Some examples be like or etc. Hope you understand the concept behind this.

Below are the methods to change the IP address.

  • Open the router settings using the default credentials.
  • Now go to advanced settings.
  • Then open the Network Configuration category
  • Now You will have a field saying LAN IP address. There you can enter the required value.
  • Save and restart the router.

After changing the IP address now you have to login to the router using the changed IP address to access all the settings of the router. If you have any doubts regarding this kindly leave a message below so that we can help you to solve the issue.