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Here in this post let’s discuss the ways and methods to login to the router that has the default gateway IP address as IP. This IP address is not a public IP address. This IP address is in the private IP address range and is to be used only for the devices that are used in the private networks.

In order to understand the usage of this IP address, you need to know about the IP address first. IP addresses are just unique names given to the host in any kind of network either private or public in order to identify them in a network. IP addresses are also used by hosts to find the host inside the network and router the data packets to the correct host. That’s why the IP address is used.

Sometimes Searched as 192.168 l 254.254

Here this IP address is mostly the default IP address for most of the famous router brands. Router brands such as Siemens, Vonets, Sagemcom, and Actiontec are using these IP address as their IP address to access the settings page.

So here we are to discuss the methods that enable one to login to the router and change the settings. Here the case is that the router they need to login to has the default IP address as and you need the steps to login to the router. The following are the steps that are required to login to the router.

http //192.168.l.254.254 Router login:

Some people search with the IP address of the router. Some people search with the brand name of the router. This IP address 192.168.l.254.254 is mostly used in the Globe brand routers. We have explained about the globe brand routers and the steps that are used to login to the globe router’s settings panel. If you are going to let the computer access the router settings then allow the SSL part of the settings. Use the URL like https //192.168.l.254.254

Login 192.168 l 254.254 globe at home:

Here let me explain to you the steps that are required to login to the globe routers. Before entering into the concepts and login methods for globe routers we need to know few details that are very much required.

  1. Globe Routers – Overview
  2. Globe username and password change.

Globe Routers – Overview:

As we are talking about the IP address 192.168.l.254.254 then we should mention the devices or routers that have this IP address as its default IP addresses as planned in the manufacturing company. The company always chooses the best default IP address selection for the model. Here for this globe router models, they use

Globe Username and Password:

Globe routers have the best security system to prevent intruders from accessing sensitive data. So you need to keep your username and password of the routers anytime. These router settings will not be assessed daily unless there is a problem in the network. So you need to properly fix all the settings once you get access to visit the router settings for the Globe brand.

Steps to login

Before you start following the steps to login, make sure you have a device that can install and open the browser. For example, any device such as desktops, laptops, and tablets will work. You need to have the latest browser on your device. If you have a chrome browser then that will be an advantage.

  1. Connect your device to the router through any means either wired or wireless. If you need to have a stable connection then you need to connect the device to the router using wire.
  2. After connecting to the modem you need to open the browser on your device. It may be any browser. Just an updated latest browser will do the job.
  3. In the browser, there will be an address bar at the top. In that address bar, you need to type in the IP address
  4. Once you hit enter the browser will connect to the router and if it is the correct IP address of the router then the settings page will open there. If not, it will display an error message.
  5. Make sure to check the IP address of the router using its brand name here. After that, you can use the address in the URL bar.
  6. Here let’s assume that your router has the default IP as
  7. On opening the settings page, it will ask you for credentials. Just for security purposes, they are asking the default credentials that come up with the box or inside the instructions pamphlet.
  8. Open the settings/admin page using those default credentials. Here on this page you can change the wireless settings, change Wi-Fi password, change Wi-Fi name, etc. You can control which devices can connect with the router and you can also blacklist the devices to which you don’t want to connect.

These are some of the ways to login to the router/modem that has the IP address as their default gateway. Also, this IP address is mostly used by Globe broadband routers.

Settings page of the IP address

The need to login to a router begins with the need to configure the router for the network that we are using. You need to configure the router well so that it works with the hosts that are connected to the same network. Also if you ever need to change the Wi-Fi username and password you need to login to the router so that you can the credentials easily. Also, it is highly recommended that you need to change the default username and passwords once you change the login.

Sometimes you will be in a situation where you need to control the number of devices that are getting connected to the Wi-Fi. The devices may be known to you or unknown to you but too many devices getting connected to a single Wi-Fi will cause problems with the other connected devices. In order to change that we need to login to the settings page of the router.

Now let’s see the steps using which we can login to the router’s settings page.

To login to the router/modems settings page, we need to connect the router to a device that can open the browser and load the URL. The browser can any browser can open the webpage and load all the required files on the website. A wired connection is highly recommended but you can also connect with the modem or the router using the wireless connection.

The only thing you will need is admin access to the settings page. In the system that you use to change the settings, you need to be the administrator.

  1. Connect your device to the router either through wire or through Wi-Fi.
  2. Once you have connected you have to open the browser application.
  3. The browser application can be anything like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or even internet explorer.
  4. Now in the URL bar of the browser you are using you have typed in the IP address that you need to login to. If you need to login to the router then you need to use the default IP address of the router brand you are using. Note: If you need to know the default IP address of different brands you can check here.
  5. If you have entered the correct IP then the settings page will be opened where you can see all the configuration options available.
  6. The settings page of any router will be protected by default credentials and you should know if you need to get access to the settings or to make changes in the settings.
  7. Once you enter the default credentials, you will be now able to login to the router with ease.

How to find the default username and password for a router?

Here are some easy steps to find the default credentials of a router. Through an online search, you can find them or you can check the manual that comes up with the router.

1. Check online for the router credentials

Before you check anything online I suggest you try logging in using the username – ‘admin’, password – ‘admin’. This is the most used default username and password for almost all routers. Some router brands might have changed the credentials for some security reasons.

2. Check the manual of the router

In the manual that comes up with the router, there will be a page where there will be some detailed explanation about the router settings page and the options that are available on that page. There the default credentials to login to the router will be mentioned.

Mostly you will be asked for credentials using the above two methods. Also, make sure the credentials you have are the admin credentials and you have every right to change the credentials once you log in. Make sure to change the router username and password once you login for the first time. So that any security threat will be neutralized.

Router Troubleshooting:

The process of troubleshooting means correcting the router errors and faults. Here I have listed some of the common problems that occur in many routers. You can check if these are the errors that troubled you. You can also find a solution in these questions and answers below.

If you are unable to connect to the router then check whether the following any reason suits you.

  1. The Ethernet cable might not be connected. The ethernet cable must be connected to the router and the device all the time. In the case of the wireless network then the ethernet cable will connect the router to the modem. If you feel that you are getting connected to the router then you need to check for loose cables or damaged wires.
  2. Make sure that there was no physical damage to the router. In case of any physical damage to the router then the router might not work as expected. So always keep the router in a safe place.
  3. Apart from the physical damage if the damage to the router is in the software or misconfiguration then you can simply reset the router to set the router right. The router resetting methods are shared below.

Resetting the router:

The method of resetting the router is very simple and can be done with the help of a little pin. Different models will have different methods to reset them but overall the same pattern is followed all over the models. The below is the way to reset the modem.

Every modem will have an ON and OFF button. Mostly this button is used as the same for resetting also. If you need to reset the router then there will be a small hole in the modem. Using a sharp object such as a pin pinch inside the modem and the modem will be restarted.

After the reset, the modem will lose all the custom configurations it previously had in the first place. Now the modem will become a fresh piece and you can now configure it as you like. If you have messed up the settings then all you can do it to reset the modem and configure it from the start.

Why this IP address?

As you know that IP addresses are the most important part of individual host identification in a network. The first introduction of IP addresses is specially made for the identification of the host in both private and the public network. When in a private network the identification can be easy but when in a public network the individual identification is very much important. That’s why the IP address is formed.

Also, the IP address is divided into two major types. One is the private IP address and the other is the public IP address. IP addresses are limited and could be extinct if used in large quantities. But with the usage of a lot of devices, these days the usage of IP addresses got rapid increase and we were in need of finding a better IP address method to withstand the increasing IP usage. That why IPv6 Also born.

Withstanding the increase in IP address demand is not only in increase the address availability. But also the efficient use of the available resources. That’s why the IP address is classified into two kinds. Private and Public Address. Private addresses are not visible to the other devices outside the network. So it can be only unique inside the network. So some range of IP addresses are categorized as private IP address range.

Private IP address:

These IP address categories are specially allocated for use in private networks. Since the private networks won’t have to communicate to the outside world the IPs used in the private network need not be unique ones. They have to be unique inside the network but there is no need to be unique on the public network. Mostly these private IP addresses will collectively have one unique public IP address that can be used to connect to the outside world.

Public IP address:

In a public network that contains computers and devices from all over the world, there must be a unique identifier to each of the hosts that are connected to the internet. The IP address will be assigned by the modem or the router and sometimes it changes dynamically. Not only computers and devices, but the servers also use unique IP addresses to identify themself in the public network. Except for the private IP address range, all the other IP ranges can be used as public IP addresses.

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