Router Login

Here in this post let’s discuss the ways and methods to login to the router that has the default gateway IP address as IP. This IP address is not a public IP address. This IP address is in the private IP address range and is to be used only for the devices that are used in the private networks.

In order to understand the usage of this IP address, you need to know about the IP address first. IP addresses are just unique names given to the host in any kind of network either private or public in order to identify them in a network. IP addresses are also used by hosts to find the host inside the network and router the data packets to the correct host. That’s why the IP address is used.

Here this IP address is mostly the default IP address for most of the famous router brands. Router brands such as Siemens, Vonets, Sagemcom, and Actiontec are using these IP address as their IP address to access the settings page.

So here we are to discuss the methods that enable one to login to the router and change the settings. Here the case is that the router they need to login to has the default IP address as and you need the steps to login to the router. The following are the steps that are required to login to the router.

Steps to login

Before you start following the steps to login, make sure you have a device that can install and open the browser. For example, any device such as desktops, laptops, and tablets will work. You need to have the latest browser on your device. If you have a chrome browser then that will be an advantage.

  1. Connect your device to the router through any means either wired or wireless. If you need to have a stable connection then you need to connect the device to the router using wire.
  2. After connecting to the modem you need to open the browser in your device. It may be any browser. Just an updated latest browser will do the job.
  3. In the browser, there will be an address bar at the top. In that address bar, you need to type in the IP address
  4. Once you hit enter the browser will connect to the router and if it is the correct IP address of the router then the settings page will open there. If not, it will display an error message.
  5. Make sure to check the IP address of the router using its brand name here. After that, you can use the address in the URL bar.
  6. Here let’s assume that your router has the default IP as
  7. On opening the settings page, it will ask you for credentials. Just for security purposes, they are asking the default credentials that come up with the box or inside the instructions pamphlet.
  8. Open the settings/admin page using those default credentials. Here on this page you can change the wireless settings, change Wi-Fi password, change Wi-Fi name, etc. You can control which devices can connect with the router and you can also blacklist the devices to which you don’t want to connect.

These are some of the ways to login to the router/modem that has the IP address