– Router Login Page & Admin Settings

Here in this post let us discuss this router IP address and the ways to login to their settings page and the admin panel. We will briefly explain the steps to login to the router settings page for the routers with IP address

Routers are the devices that router the data packet from one network to the other. The work of the router is to read the address data in the head of the data and route it to the correct host using the IP address and the host details in the header of the data packet. As you know there are many router brands available in the market. Each router brand will have a different IP address as its default gateway IP address. You must know them before trying to connect a router to the network. In order to connect to a network, you need to configure the router for it. Here we gonna discuss the ways to login to a router with as the default IP address.

Below are the steps to login to

In order to login to the router, you need to have a device that can connect to the router either through wired or wireless. In any device like PC, laptop, Tablet PC you need to have a browser installed, to access the router settings. I strongly suggest you connect the device to the router through any mode either wire or wired way. If you are looking for stability then wired mode is a good option.

  1. Also if you need to connect to the router through wireless mode then you need to know the default Wi-Fi username & password. Most of the new modems or routers will have the credentials that will be shared on the box. You can use that to connect to the router.
  2. After connecting to the modem or router either using Wi-Fi or through the wire, you need to open the browser. Any updated browser will work. You can use either Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox for this purpose.
  3. After opening the browser, in the URL / address bar type in the IP address and hit enter. Make sure you are not entering this IP in the Google search bar by mistake. If you do so then you will get only search results and not the router settings.
  4. After opening the router settings, you can configure whatever things you need to configure such as Wi-Fi settings, control the devices that are connected to the modem, limit the data routing, and much more.
  5. If you are using your default credentials to login to the router then I highly recommend you to change the credentials once you successfully log in to the account. This safeguards you from hackers and password stealers.

Reset Router Username and Password:

While trying to connect to the server, if you find that someone has already replaced the default credentials with custom credentials and you are unable to login, then you can just reset the router. There is an option for that and we have discussed that in the below steps.

Note: Methods to reset modem might vary from brand to brand and model to model. So you should check the modem’s manual if you are not sure how to reset the modem.

  1. Find the reset button in the modem or the router. Whatever be the model there will be a reset button. You need to hold that reset button for few seconds until all the lights lit and get off.
  2. Now after the modem is switched off now press the power button again to switch on the router.
  3. Also plugin the router and press the power button continuously for a max of 30 seconds. Now the router will be switched ON.
  4. Now you can head to the router interface using the IP address in the browser and set the new credentials.