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As you know routers are one of the most important parts of a network. Routers are the devices that router the data from one host to another host on looking upon the IP address in the head of the data. There are some other important networking devices such as routers, switches, repeaters, etc. But the most used ones are the routers. If you are looking to set up a fiber optic internet connection the first one you need is the router. Another important device in the networking setup is the Modem. Here let me share some insights about IP

Modem means modulator and demodulator. It is used in the modulation and demodulation of the digital signals it receives. Also with this, there are a lot many networking devices that are quite widely used in all the networks irrespective of the usage. So in order to connect to these network devices the usage of the default gateway IP address is a must. Here the IP address is divided into two major divisions.

The private IP address and the Public IP address. I have written a lot about these major IP address classifications many times in this blog. You can also refer to them at this link. Other than these classifications there are more divisions in these IP addresses. This IP address comes under the private address category.

Some details about networking:

Networking is nothing but a collection of hosts. Any device that has a requirement to communicate with the other device can form a network. It may be a computer, mobile phone, or even a walkie-talkie. They can form a network. When the devices form a network they are collectively known as a network. Each network will have an identifying number. Also, each device must have an identifying number known as the IP address. An IP address is nothing but a device identifier. Especially if the device is in a network.

If the network is a private one, for example, if the network is not connected to the outside world then there is no need of any public IP address. Only a private IP address that identifies the host can be used. This method is followed just to reduce the usage of IP addresses by the devices. IP addresses are very limited resources that should be used with care. If they are exhausted then the host identification issues might arise.

In order to solve this IP exhausting problem, network specialists have come up with the idea of introducing a better IP address format which could serve more devices than the IPv4 address. It will be known as the IPv6 address. This type of IP classification will lead to better usage of the IP address and reduce IP wastage. If you need to understand the complete process of IP address naming then you need to understand the difference between the private IP address and the public address. Login and Admin access:

This IP address is used by many reputed routers that are used in many organizations as the device that routes the internet data between the hosts. Just like the hosts, these routers will also have a unique identifier IP to let the other devices find it and access it. This IP address is used as the default gateway address of that router.

If you need to change the IP address of the router or if you need to change the Wi-Fi password then you need to access the router’s settings page. Some other IP’s in this range are