192.168.l5.1 – Router Login

Login to the IP 192.168.l5.1 - Admin Login
The settings page of the router can be accessed by entering the default IP address 192.168.l5.1 in the browser or you can click here.
Here we have discussed in detail the IP address and its uses in the field of routers. Before understanding this IP address you need to understand what is IP address and what are their purposes and uses.

This IP address is one of the most used IP addresses among private networks. As you might be aware there are two kinds of IP addresses in networking. They are public IP addresses and private IP addresses. The public IP addresses are used by the hosts that are connected to the public network like the internet. In order to prevent the over usage of IP addresses some IP address groups are assigned to be used especially in private networks. One such IP address is

Managing a network is not a simple task. There are a lot of devices that are available in a network. Apart from the host, there are many small devices that are required to form a complete network. These IP addresses are specifically dedicated to private networks. Public connected hosts cannot use these IP addresses. Here in this post let’s see in brief about the routers or hosts that use this IP address These IP addresses will be assigned to the routers as their default gateway address. Let’s see how these IP addresses are used and how to login to the router using the IP address.

http //192.168.l5.1 or https //192.168.l5.1

Some people might get confused with the IP address. They might want to login to their device but they don’t know whether they have to choose http //192.168.l5.1 or https //192.168.l5.1, the difference between both of them is the SSL certificate. Here in this case, you need not use the one with the SSL certificate. This IP address is the mis-spelt form of and it is a private IP address. So you can use it without the https.

Purpose of

The primary usage of this IP address on the devices like routers and modems is to enable them to communicate with the other devices that are in the same private network. A network can be small or big or very big. If a device can’t be identified with a unique name then there will be a lot of confusion in the network. These IP addresses serve the purpose of saving the network from name confusion.

The IP address series that starts with the numbers 192.168 are completely assigned for the private networking purpose and these IP addresses won’t be assigned for a device that is connected to the outside internet. Only those devices inside the network are allowed to use them. You might be wondering why don’t we simply assign the public IP address series to all the routers, modems, and hosts in the private network also. There’s the catch. The IP address is limited to 4.2 billion (approx) IP addresses globally.

Due to the rapid increase in internet usage and the growth of the devices the IPv4 addresses are quickly getting exhausted. Thus IPv6 is just developed to eradicate this IP exhaustion issue. But still, we need to use the IPv4 address in an optimized way. That’s why this method of segregating the private IP addresses began. This will not allocate public IP addresses that can’t be re-used for the devices that are inside a local network.

Ways to Login http //192.168.l5.1 address:

Note that two or more local addresses can use the same IP addresses inside their network. But when it comes to the internet they need a unique IP. Even after the introduction of IPv6 addresses, people are still using IPv4 because of the internet providers. Only if all the internet providers opt to IPv6 then everywhere there will be IPv6 usage. Until then we need to use this IPv4 with care to avoid depletion and making the remaining IPv4 addresses a costly one.

As I mentioned earlier this IP 192.168.l5.1 is given to routers and modems inside a local network. If you need to pass data packets to them to you should know their private IP address. Also, different brands have different private IP addresses assigned to their devices. Here let me list some of the brands that use IP as their primary IP address.

Devices with as their default gateway.

  1. D-Link
  2. Gemtek
  3. Sweex
  4. Motorola
  5. Clear

The above is the famous brands that use this IP address as their unique IP address in the private network. We can also change this IP address to any unique private IP address from the list but it has to be unique for that host. But when the router or the host comes from the manufacturer it will bear this IP address as its default gateway address.

If you need to access the admin console of a router then you need to access it using the default Private IP address given to the router by the company. You need to know the IP address given by the company in order to access the admin panel of the router. In that admin panel or the settings panel, the Wi-Fi of the router can be configured. You can configure the number of devices that can be connected to the Wi-Fi router at a given time and change the password of the Wi-Fi of the router.

To configure the settings you also need to know the default login credentials of the router. Every brand has a default username and password for the router to log in. You need to login to your router using the default credentials and then you need to change it to something unable to guess, but can easily be remembered by you.

How to log in to the router that uses the IP?

Before login to the router, you must know the default credentials of the router. Most brands will have the default admin credentials very generic like username-admin, password-admin. But some of them will have a different one. So it is important to know where to find the default credentials for a router or modem.

Steps to login

Pre-requisition: You only need a good browser to access the router settings page. Browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge will do best.

  1. Open the browser on your desktop. In the address bar type the following IP.
  2. Type in in the address bar. Also, make sure to type in the address bar and not on Google. If you type this in Google then the results page will appear and not the router settings page.
  3. Once you type in the correct router IP then the router settings page will open.
  4. On the settings page, you need to log in using the default credentials. Learn how to find the default credentials of any brand here.
  5. After you login into the router page, you can change any settings of the router.

Here are some of the important questions that are asked frequently by the users. If you have any more questions you can leave them in the comment box below. We’ll help you to sort it out.

Router IP Related Questions

1. How do I change my 192.168.l5.1 password?

The IP address must be used to access the router and you will have the router’s home page if you open the IP from a browser. On that page, it will ask you for the credentials. In order to change the password, you must know the previous password. If you know the previous password it will be easy to change the password. If not you need to reset the router and then the password will be reset to the default one and you can change the password now using the default credentials of the router.

2. How do I log into my 192.168 15.1 router IP?

To enter the router you need to access this IP from a browser. Only a device that has a browser installed in it can open the settings page of the router. Open the IP address from the browser and you will see the settings page of the router. This is the only way to login to the router IP. You can also click here.

3. How do I enter my router?

Entering the router means opening the settings page of the router from the browser. There may be many reasons for you to open the router settings page such as change the Wi-Fi settings, change the router credentials, change the upload limit and download limit, limit the number of devices that can be connected to a network. You can just open the router by entering the IP in the URL bar of the browser.

4. Why is 192.168 0.1 not openings?

It may be because of two reasons. Either the IP is not your router’s default IP address gateway or your device might not be connected to the router in any way. If you need to open the IP address 192.168. 0.1 then you need to be connected to the router by any means. Either it may be wireless communication or wired communication but you need to be connected with the router for logging into the router settings page.

5. How do I change my WiFi name and password?

To change the Wi-Fi password you need to be connected to the router and open the router’s settings page using the default IP gateway through the browser. You need an interface to change the Wi-Fi’s username and password. You can change the username and password only if you know the default username and password. If someone has already changed the password then you need to know the password or else you can’t change the username and password without resetting the device.

6. How do I change my home WiFi password?

Home routers are simple to use and easy to maintain. To change the password of your home Wi-Fi you need to have access to the home Wi-Fi already. At least you should know the default username and password of the Wi-Fi to change the password. You need to login to the router settings through a browser and change the Wi-Fi password.

Note: Once you change the password, all the devices that are connected to that particular Wi-Fi will be disconnected. You need to reconnect all of them with a new Wi-Fi password.

7. What is a 192.168 IP address?

192.168 is not a complete IP address. It is the first two blocks of a full proper IP address. The IP address is an identifier that can locate any device in a vast network. It must four parts. The term 192.168 is just the front two parts. It must be like,,, etc.

8. How do I sign into my WIFI?

In order to sign into your Wi-Fi you need to be in the range of the Wi-Fi router. If you are in the range and you ON the Wi-Fi you can see the Wi-Fi name. Then you can connect to the Wi-Fi. If you have a secured Wi-Fi then you can only connect to the Wi-Fi using the credentials.

9. Why can’t I connect to my router admin page?

There might be two reasons for it. You are not authorized to use the router login page. You may not be the admin or you may not have the credentials. Even if you have the credentials you need to be connected with the router in order to access the router login page.

10. How can I see my wifi password?

You can only change the password only if you know the old password. So check if the Wi-Fi password box has an eye icon next to it. If you click on it then you can see the Wi-Fi password.

11. How do I change my WIFI password 2020?

Every model follows the same method to change the Wi-Fi. You must be able to login into the Wi-Fi router and have admin access. Then you have to input the old password in order to change the new one.

12. How do I access my router without a password?

Most of the routers will not let you use them without a password. You need a password to use the router or to access the settings. If the password is not set or removed only then you can login into the router. Other than that there is no way to access a router without a password.

13. What is my router’s IP address?

To find the router IP address you need to know the brand name of the router. If you know the brand name you can find the IP address of your router in a flash. You can also look at the back of the router to find the router IP. If the router IP is 192.168.l5.1 then some brands like 3com, Asus.

14. How do I find my router username and password without resetting it?

You can find the username and password of your router using the catalog provided. The catalog will have all the default usernames and password combinations. You can try flipping the router and check for any stickers on the back. Most of the routers have credentials in the backside. You can use it to know the credentials.

15. How do I connect to an IP address?

To connect to an IP address you need the device with a browser and a connection to the router either wired or wireless. After that, you need to open the browser and enter the IP address, and hit go. Your router’s settings panel will appear. This is how you connect to the IP address.

16. What are the procedure to http //192.168.l5.1 change password?

Changing the password for the router is very if you know the old password. If you don’t know the old password then we need to reset the router before we change the password.

Important: If you login to the router using the default credentials then you have to immediately change the credentials irrespective of the brand you are using. Because it may lead to security issues.

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